Signs of spring..?

We've been up at the lake, this week, and there are signs that spring is on it's way. It is definitely warmer, and there are signs of life. We saw a tiny catfish in the stream, and our fish are creating ripples on the surface of the lake as they come up for food.

I have always loved seeing the first snowdrops come up, so was delighted to find them at the lake.

We have been planting trees and other plants including lupins (which are one of Mrs H's favorites)
This week I set about building a compost heap.

Recycling is the key here, so I used 4 old pallets which had been left up at the lake by the previous owners, and screwed them together.

Not the most attractive thing in the world (but it is a compost heap not a work of art or a garden ornament!) All our green kitchen waste will now be composted here. a vegetarian B&B, La Creuse, Limousin

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