A trip to Mont Dore, Massif du Sancy

We had a brief holiday (very brief, it only lasted 24 hours!) to Mont Dore last week.

For those of you who don't know Mont Dore is a ski-resort in the Auvergne region of France. It is located in the Massif du Sancy, part of the Massif Central. As well as skiing it is well known for it's thermal baths, and people go there for help with medical problems. The pure air is reputed to be excellent for asthma suffers.

We are lucky enough to be just over an hour away, so we (and anyone who stays at our vegetarian chambres d'hotes, in Felletin, in the department of La Creuse, in the Limousin region of France) are able to go there for the day skiing. You can hire all the equipment you need at the resort, and you can even pre-book the hire online (and get a discount). We have been there a few times for the day, but haven't hired those skis yet! It is a great place to visit in the summer months too. This time we decided we would like to stay the night, so we could enjoy a meal and a few drinks, so we booked a hotel.

We stayed in the Hôtel de Russie which had excellent customer service. The food is nice too (although the vegetarian options are limited): we can highly recommend the chips, which were nice and chunky.

Here are a few snaps:

3placedesarbres.com: vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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