An afternoon in the sun...

So (some of you may know this) I am on my own this week (aahhhhh!) 'cos Mrs H has gone to London.

It was such a lovely day that I packed up my laptop and headed for the lake.

It really is great here, and there are no distractions (apart from all that nature and stuff): no electricity (so the battery life time limit helps concentrate the mind), no mobile phone signal and no WiFi.

So I am writing this by the side of the lake, in glorious sunshine (I shall post it when I get home). It isn't quite t-shirt weather, but the sun is warm on my face.

I am trying to type with one hand and eat vegetable ravioli (I have heated on a camping stove) straight out of the pan (nothing quite screams class than eating tinned food straight out of a pan, unless of course you forgo the cooking part and eat it cold from the can)

All I can hear is the sound of water as it gushes in the stream to one side of the lake. It seems to be in quite a hurry: the water is running fast and high today, presumably because the snow and ice up on the plateau is melting. Here, the ice is still on the lake, but it is thin and about to disappear.

Here is a video, wat I did film:

It gives me a real taster of what is in store for us this year. It is fantastic to be able to get away from it all (from that bloody bathroom, for a start, although I think I have solved the last of the plumbing problems (don't ask) this morning, so all I have to do is make it pretty again), even if it is just for a few hours. Due to the nature of our business it is difficult to go on holiday (que Fawlty Towers psychiatrist "how often do you and your wife manage it?") but this haven means we can stay overnight, either in the cabin (Mrs H's preferred sleeping spot) or in a tent by the lakeside (for the more tough, outdoors types).

Anyhoo, I didn't come down here just to blog to you, my lovely readers. I have some other writing to do.

Toodle pip!
(Me: washing up - using grass and dirt and then rincing in the stream.) vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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