Chou show

Many of you, I know, have been wishing the summer away, eagerly anticipating the second fête du chou (see previous post) held at Magnet L'Estrange, a short distance from us. If we were disappointed, back in May, at the lack of actual cabbages, the October fête du chou more than made up for it!

Legend has it that a poor man, Jeantounet, made a pact with the devil, in order to save his family from death from starvation. The devil took his soul and gave him a giant cabbage. A better deal you would be hard pressed to find.

This year, there was stiff competition for the crown - who will be the king or queen of cabbages?
Cabbages are not just for eating, oh no. They can also be used to create electicity (Before buying shares in the Cabbage Energy Company, I should warn you I saw no evidence that this actually worked)
The cabbage woman was there
And below is the winner, with her cabbage weighing a massive 17.2kg she was, without doubt, the queen of cabbages
Here is that winning cabbage

A local artist produced the Magnet Lisa...Some cabbages, in a field... vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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