Living/dining room pictures

Hurrah! We have finished another room! Well, almost! We still have a little bit to do behind what is affectionately known as "the curtain of shame". This is a part of the living room which will be turned into a reading area (too small to be called a library, but a place with books and a chair in it!), but is currently an area where we store stuff we haven't found a home for yet.

Anyhoo, it is now loads better than a few months ago our kitchen didn't exist and so we were cooking in this room . It wasn't pretty...

This is a photo of when we first saw the room back in June 2005. The walls look quite white in this photo, but they were in fact a bit yellow.

So since then we had an electrician in who ripped out a load of old wires and put in new ones, and I ripped out the two windows and replaced them with double glazing...We have discovered we don't like painting very much. Which is a shame 'cos it is a big house and needs a lot of painting!
But it is worth the trouble, and she scrubs up nicely, don't she? vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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