La di da! Hark at the Humpbuckles: we're buying a lake...

Ok, this may seem like a mad idea, or a stroke of genius, depending on
a) how romantic you are
b) how logical you are
c) how much you like water, trees, and countryside
d) how much you have had to drink

Many of you know that we live in an area often referred to as the French Lake District. We are surrounded by them. Unfortunately, a lot of the big public ones are crowded in summer time, and we do like a bit of peace and quiet.

As we spend a fair bit of time and money on wood to keep us warm in the winter we also wanted somewhere with a few trees that we can manage, cut a few down, plant a few more, that sort of thing.

Well we found a beautiful little lake set within wood land with a small river and a stream running through it, and today have started the process of buying it. It is about 12 k from where we live and there are no neighbours (unless you count the cows in the field nearby, but even they can't see you!)

It also has a little fisherman's shack on it (which is in very good nick).
You can swim in the lake (as long as you don't mind sharing with the carp and other fish) or just sit and listen to the gentle music of the river and the stream and watch the dragonflies chase each other.

The plan will be that at some point it will be available to our guests to enjoy so they also have somewhere quiet and secluded to go to. vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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