Bit distracted...

I have been meaning to post for a couple of weeks but have been a bit busy decorating and had planned to do a whole load of posting on 31st July.

But we then had a real crisis.

Ok. those of you who don't like cats, or can't get your heads round people who get attached to animals, please don't bother reading any further...

Those of you who know us well, know that almost 14 years ago we adopted two kittens into our family, Armitage and Spud.

They are our babies. No appologies for that - it is fact.

We love them.

On Thursday at mid-day we thought Armitage was dying. She was making an awful sound, was sick, and was sweating through her paws and panting like a dog (never, ever seen a cat pant before). We took her to the vets and thought she had died on route (she hadn't she had just stopped breathing so irregularly). We were distraught (this is code for "falling to pieces").

When we got to the vets, he informed us that she was blind, and had either had a stroke or had been poisoned. He also told us (to our huge relief) that he was 90% certain she wouldn't die, but may be disabled...

We returned at 6pm to see her sitting up and apparently able to see us.

Due to her rapid recovery the vet thinks it was a stroke. She came home the next day and is on medication but appears to be doing well. Apart from not being able to eat dry food any more....

She denies that this is attention seeking behaviour in connection with the new kitten.

Although she is lapping up all the extra attention she is getting. vegetarian B&B in the heart of France

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