Registered at last!

Well we have been a bit busy recently: i appologise for not blogging regularly!

The biggest news is that at last we managed to register the business and are able to provide meals and drinks!

This was not achieved easily...

We have racked up around 400 kilometres on the van driving back and forth to our department capital trying to register. We didn't want to moan about paperwork in France, but when we were turned away from the custom office (where they issue drinks licenses) because we did not have a bit of paper from the mayors office telling the customs offfice we were applying for a drinks license we didn't know whether to laugh or cry (in the end, we compromised and did a bit of both!)

The veterinary service (who are not just for animals, you know) confirmed that we do not have to have a stainless steel kitchen to run a table d'hotes (stick that in your pipe and smoke it - outside in the properly ventilated and cordoned off smoking area, of course - lady from chambres de commerce, and all the other people who planted seeds of misery in our brains) and they were extremely helpful also. The customs people were also very helpful.

What shocked us was that registering the business at the chambre de commerce was quite a jolly affair (once we had all the correct paperwork to hand).

We are now officially up and running!

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