A new door opens… and thankfully closes as well

We have put a new door to separate the bit we are living in from Chambre 2. Please note that health and safety procedures are being followed with regulation footwear always being used.

In the next photo you will notice the floor needs some attention. As with all the floor in the corridor the people laying carpet decided to use cement to level the floor first. To reveal the (still) beautiful wooden floor beneath involves hours of chipping away at it (and cursing every time the hammer hits my hand of course).This next picture shows how uneven the floor is – look at the difference in height in the gap under the door

I have left our side of the doorframe uncompleted for now, to allow time to concentrate on other areas of the house. If things go well we will turn our living quarters into a further suite of rooms, including a small room for children, with bunk beds in. This is a project for next year.

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