A brief holiday (part one)

As we were unable to catch up with family and friends at our nephew's birthday party in Wales a few weeks ago we jumped at the opportunity to see two family members by driving over 600km to Normandy for a night!

Perhaps we were overly excited but we woke up at 4.30am and decided to make a start - which was probably just as well as it took longer than expected to get there (8 hours!). But it was ace to see Les R (and pals) and a good time was had by all (despite the rain). We did the "Brit's Abroad" thing - paddling in the sea (despite the rain) and had a barbecue (once the rain realised we were not going to give up).Les brought us some stuff from home too, including some juggling stuff I had ordered (in anticipation of being able to collect it from wales)After a fantastic night's sleep we were all set to drive all the way home. But then the sun came out and we decided to stop at a fantastic place...

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