Painting, juggling, cycling and a surprise guest

We have been busy painting the hallway. Once that is finished we will be able to open one room for guests while closing off the living room and other bedroom, whilst we decorate those.

After a break of several years I have taken up juggling again, much to the amusement of the locals (at least one wants me to perform at the music festival in August). I decided juggling would help with my arm injury, which has still not fully recovered from the gravity meets broken ladder incident in November.

I had forgotten how relaxing juggling is - why did I stop? Am considering getting some stilts as have always wanted to be taller and it would also help with decorating the house. Mrs H has reminded me if I can't stay on a ladder what hope have I on stilts.

For the first time in years we got out lardy backsides onto bicycles and went for a picnic. We bought Mrs H's bike about 9 months ago and it hasn't been out of the garage until today. Mine was bought about a month ago. Our bottoms hurt after about 3 km so we stopped by a river for the picnic and then returned to drink some wine in the sun (a reward for a morning of painting, you understand)!

We then had a surprise. A dutch woman who is cycling to the Algarve (she cycled 60km today), couldn't find anywhere open, and needed a place to stay the night, and a kind local woman showed her to our door. So we have our first guest in the B&B despite, not being fully open yet.

We decided not to boast that we, too, had been cycling today.

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