How to replace a single glazed window with double glazing...

Today, I have been mostly replacing our kitchen window... which went surprisingly well!

What you need to replace your window:

a) an old window needing replacing
b) a new window to replace it
c) someone to help you (a wife like mine is ideal - but you have to get your own)
d) tools and that
e) a bit of nerve if it is your first time and you have never even helped someone else do it before!

As you can see our old window was a bit tatty and the single glazing was letting out a lot of heat.

The ease in which the window frame came out was an indication that it was the right decision to replace the window!Our new window came complete with sill...

Which was bigger than the last one so I had to chip away at the rendering on the outer sill to make room for it...And trim both ends of the sill so it fits (unlike most windows in Britain, our French windows fit from the inside, not the outside)

The window frame is put temporarily in place. I drilled holes in the window frame and drilled holes in the wall, putting wall plugs in to hold it in place
I cut a piece of green exterior board to fit in the gap left by the new shape window (I will render this at a later date to ensure it looks part of the wall.

The frame is screwed into place and the windows put back.

Insulating foam is then put around the window to fill the gaps.Tomorrow I will clean up the excess foam and put sealant and render around the window to ensure it is water tight...

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Anonymous said...

Man, you're so handy! You and Simon should get together and start a club entitled "the learned on the job specialist DIY crew".