Wow factor (part one)

They all go on about the wow factor.

Kirsty and Phil, Sarah Beany. I hadn’t experienced it before we walked into The house.

The Rat didn’t have the keys to the front door (nor we discovered to the garage door, or any other door in the house), so we went in the other entrance at the far-end of the front of the building.

This part of the building had been used as an insurance office (it still had posters on the walls advertising long finished offers, and one about the introduction of the Euro). It consisted of a large room, a cupboard and a toilet.

We immediately started thinking of possibilities – the most obvious thing to do was to convert it to an apartment for holiday letting, with a bedroom and a bathroom. Suddenly we forgot we were looking for a holiday home, and started thinking about a business.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and began to take some photos.

We spent a couple of minutes in that room before going through the double doors, which lead into a large wood panelled room with a large fireplace in it.

The wowing now began in earnest.

Downstairs was a large basement with the biggest oil fuelled boiler we had ever seen (we hadn’t actually seen many oil fuelled boilers before – we don’t collect them, or attend oil fuelled boiler conventions or anything - just take it from me; it was big, OK?).

Back on the ground floor we walked into the main entrance.

A hallway (owning a house with a hallway, after living in a terraced house in north London a hallway was an impossible dream). A beautiful staircase led up from the hall, to the left was a kitchen

(well that’s how we saw it – it was actually a large empty room), and attached to that a utility room and a toilet. A door led from the kitchen to the garage, but we couldn’t get the door open to view it. Below the kitchen (accessed via a door by the back entrance - just how many doors does this place have? First person to guess correctly wins a special prize)

was a cellar.

We returned to the hall, exchanging wide-eyed glances and climbed the stairs…

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