Wow factor (part two)

At the top of the stairs a hall ran the length of the house (around 20 metres), the Rat scurried ahead opening windows and shutters.

To the left was another smaller staircase that led up to the attic, but we walked past that, initially to explore the bedrooms. The first bedroom was next to a large narrow room, which contained a sink and a toilet.

The bedroom itself was huge, with a large granite fireplace dominating one wall. Opposite large shuttered windows allowed the afternoon light to stream in. A door led through to a bathroom of adequate size and inadequate decor. We paused briefly to discuss the possible merits of pink tiles and matching bath suite before we opened the next door beyond which was the second bedroom.

Amazingly the rooms appeared to be connected, not just by the hall down one side of the house, but also via doors on the other which linked all the rooms together. The perfect setting for a good old British farce.

The second bedroom, as big as the first, had two large windows at the front of the house, a fireplace on the far wall, and (like the first) panelled walls.By this time, I think we had decided we would buy it.

We continued on, through yet more connecting doors, into the third bedroom. This was smaller than the first two. The floors where exposed here: beautiful chestnut floorboards where laid almost haphazardly, ensuring that as you crossed the floor a sense of unevenness gave the impression that you were on a boat rocking at sea, in a gentle breeze.

There were two smaller rooms that where attached to this room. And we spoke, in excited tones; one could be turned into a bathroom, and the other could be used for a child, and the room could then be rented out as a family room. There was wallpaper and plaster coming away in the hallway – the only evidence of any damp, which seemed to be coming from above. We walked along the hallway, back towards the small staircase which led ever upward.

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