Did I tell you the one about my wife, three cats, two fish and a van? (Part two - England)

In the end with a promise of a two and a half hour wait for a stitch-up and the added bonus of an infection, Mrs H decided to take a risk and left A&E and had Fireman Ross drive her to a chemist, to buy some steri-stips for a do-it-yourself repair. Using an anti-bacterial wipe and some antiseptic cream she patched herself up as best she could.

Armitage, loyal dog-like tabby that she is, had obviously cottoned on to the fact that everything had now been taken out of the house apart from her and the other two cats. Determined not to be left behind she helpfully stepped into the cat basket and sat down patiently, waiting for us to get our act together. Spud was less happy to be confined in the basket and Mia put up a good fight but finally was contained.

We said goodbye to the house, which was home for eleven and a half years and installed ourselves in the van.

The engine started first time and we pulled off slowly.

We no longer had a house in the UK.

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