Where were we..?

The smell of burning became worse, but my concern for the car’s engine was waning so I persevered pushing my right foot firmly on the accelorator and allowing my left to inch up on the clutch. With the car emitting a sound not unlike that of an asthmatic wild boar on heat (if you’ve ever heard it, you will never forget it) we gradually crept up the hill to where Jean-Pierre was waiting, an alarmed look on his face.

“I think it’s just overheated” I said, knowledgeably, and opened the bonnet with confidence watching the steam shoot up into the crisp Aubusson air, before poking my head in to look at the mechanics inside.

We waited for the engine to cool.


Sitting on the Ryanair flight listening to the deranged, and relentless, brain deadening chant of the stewardess, “menucardmenucardmenucard…”, we reviewed what we knew so far.

1) we didn’t like Haute Vienne as much as we liked La Creuse
2) there are bits of La Creuse that we would not be able to visit in winter unless we had a 4x4
3) I know very little about cars

There had been one house we liked in Vallière, a lovely quiet village with a couple of bars, and a church in its centre. We settled back in our seats and made a plan to come back to see it again (and the others we had not been able to see because of the snow) in March.

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